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Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones

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Cater your music to your lifestyle with the Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones. These ultra comfortable headphones use CityMix to achieve the personalized sound. This feature allows for adjustable noise cancellation depending on your needs. You can crank it up to drown out the real world or dial it back to make sure you hear honking horns on the street. You have four levels to choose from to customize your music to your environment. Connecting to your device via Bluetooth, you’re also able to share your music with your friends for simultaneous listening. The Q Adapt Headphones also have a built-in microphone for wireless calls. Because the headphones use Bluetooth, they’re truly wireless for an untethered experience. In addition, you can put to use the highly intuitive touch controls right on the earcup. Finally, the Q Adapt Headphones offer premium sound for a full 20 hours of play time.

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