LightCam Smart Light Socket Camera

$109 USD
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Monitor your home and control your lights at the same time with the LightCam Smart Light Socket Camera. Coming with a fully adjustable HD security camera, the LightCam is a smart light bulb that allows you to see more. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a standard light socket. To set up LightCam, choose either an indoor or outdoor location with a light socket. Then twist LightCam into the socket and turn on the light switch. Download the app on your device and complete the setup in no time. Additionally, you can download clips to your phone or computer via the app. Furthermore, you can program your light to any setting using the app. This means you can have it turn on at a specific time or based on motion. LightCam also offers night vision up to 30 feet thanks to its infrared LEDs.

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