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LinkSquare SDK Handheld Spectrometer

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Discover the many layers of the world with the LinkSquare SDK Handheld Spectrometer by Stratio. This device comes with software to collect a multitude of data for objects all around you. Additionally, LinkSquare can collect exact color data of virtually any object you can find. In addition, it uses near-infrared light to help determine the molecular makeup of objects. If that wasn’t incredible enough, LinkSquare can even help you distinguish between genuine and fraudulent products, like gemstones or medication. It works by capturing how objects respond to different light. You can visualize the data you collect within the SDK or you can export it to third party software for in-depth analysis. The device comes with everything you need, including the USB charging cable and software. You can combine LinkSquare with your programming and data analysis skills to conduct research, develop apps, or just fulfill your own curiosity. Free international shipping upon request!

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