Linner – Your First ANC Headphones – Now And For All Time!

$69 USD
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Linner is one of the lightest active-noise-cancelling (ANC) earbud unit that you can take anywhere to achieve a quieter, more focused sound experience. Its revolutionary earbuds are designed to provide you with a secure, comfortable fit, exceptional portability, and high-performance sound quality. Linner will eliminate most ambient background noise with ANC technology and Lightning connection, making it perfect for your first set. The minimal design of the earbud controller makes it super slim and lightweight. Linner delivers full range audio with clear and bright high-end sparkle, warm mids, and a powerful low-end frequency response with an emphasis on bass. By eliminating up to 95% of ambient background noise around you, Linner gives you a listening experience free of distractions. Linner makes it possible to hear what is going on around you without having to remove your earbuds under “Awareness Mode.” Stay aware of your surroundings and be safe! Unlike regular headphones, Linner blocks out unwanted sounds so that you can keep your volume at reasonable, ear-friendly levels.

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