Logitech ZeroTouch Car Smartphone Holder

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Stay as safe as can be on the roads when you use the Logitech ZeroTouch Car Smartphone Holder. In addition to holding your device, this holder features Amazon Alexa for voice control. Easily snapping into place. You can simply ask your smartphone to play Spotify, text your family, and so much more. The system also helps you by reading your incoming texts aloud. Additionally, you can easily access content or commands by holding your hand over your smartphone. This motion prompts Alexa to do anything you need, or you can use it to mute Alexa mid-sentence. But, it’s not just about the car. The ZeroTouch gives you access to your smart home appliances, too. You can turn your lights on before you get home. And, for long journeys, you can listen to an audio book. All this technology works towards one goal: to keep your eyes on the road.

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