LOOXIDVR All-In-One Mobile VR Headset

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Gain insight into how you interact with your environment with the LOOXIDVR All-In-One Mobile VR Headset. LOOXIDVR is a mobile-based headset that received the title of CES 2018’s Most Innovative Virtual Reality Product. The all-in-one headset comes with eye-tracking cameras and EEG sensors, providing an interface for both your eyes and brain. It features six brain-wave sensors and two eye-tracking cameras integrated into VR to measure brain and eye activity. Featuring a slick design, LOOXIDVR is comfortable for all users. It offers information about how your brain activates and where you look in VR. Furthermore, LOOXIDVR is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Finally, LOOXIDVR makes it easier to conduct BCI research and offers valuable information to app developers. Pre-order starts on February 1st 2018.

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