Loud Mini Bicycle Horn

$149 USD
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Stay safe while cycling with the Loud Mini Bicycle Horn. Easily attaching to your handlebars, this device emits a loud noise to ensure you’re heard. Weather resistant and sporting a long-life battery, the Loud Mini features an easy-access button for use. Functional in rain, snow, and below freezing temperatures, you use your thumb to honk this horn. Perfect for your commute, this bicycle horn is more effective than a standard bicycle chime. Rechargeable via USB, the Loud Mini gives you four months of honking before needing a top up. In addition to these features, the Loud Mini has a release mechanism so you can use it on other bikes. Weighing less than one lb., this safety horn produces a sound at 125 dB. This is sure to alert anyone else on the road of your presence to give you a safer journey.

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