Lowball 2 Pinch Glasses

$280 USD
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There’s a new way to enjoy your beverage and it doesn’t involve aerating. The Lowball 2 Pinch Glasses offer you a sensory experience as you imbibe. The material is CNC aerospace-grade aluminum. The Lowball 2 Glasses have a unique hourglass shape to enhance the flavor of whiskey. The shape helps you inhale the aroma of the beverage right before you taste to get the fullest flavor. In addition, the exterior has a revolutionary geometry. This adds to the tactile experience of the glasses. Inside the Lowball 2 Glasses is an inert coating which ensures your whiskey will never be contaminated. Additionally, the top of the glasses is complete with a lip to help cut down on drips and wasted drops. From taste to aroma to touch, the Lowball 2 Glasses makes whiskey taste the best.

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