Under-The-Jack Pack 2.0 Ultra-Slim Laptop Bag

$78 USD
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Protect all your gear when you’re in the big city with the Under-The-Jack Pack 2.0 Ultra-Slim Laptop Bag. Impressively thin, this backpack is actually designed to be worn under your jacket, as the name implies. The Under-The-Jack Pack measures just a few inches wide so no one will notice your unusual layering. However, this wear style thwarts thieves better than any other solution. Despite its slim profile, the Under-The-Jack Pack has enough space for all that you need. There’s room for your laptop and it comes in both 13- and 15-inch options. In addition, there are smart features such as the waterproof exterior, an earbuds pocket, and ultra padded shoulder straps. It comes in three solid colors as well as reflective. To make your journey even safer, you can rock the reflective design to be seen at night.

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