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Illumi Arts Bluetooth Luminous LED Artwork

$299 USD
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Transform the way you enjoy your space with the Illumi Arts Bluetooth Luminous LED Artwork. By day, these wonderful pieces are inspiring and vibrant. Then, once it’s dark, the brilliant LED lights come to life. The Illumi Arts combine light and color to be the most unique pieces of art you’ve ever seen. These are the two main pillars of interior design. However, few pieces of décor can achieve a seamless aesthetic from day to night. The Illumi Arts set features affordable colored LED wall lights. Then, you can choose and swap out the interchangeable art panels. With this design, your space can evolve with you as often as you want. In addition, the art uses mirrored stainless steel for a refined yet sophisticated aesthetic. Using the app, you can explore countless color options and control the LEDs.

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