Series 38 Luxury Bank Card Holder

$2500 USD
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Use lightweight yet durable protection for your cards with the Series 38 Luxury Bank Card Holder. Made from Grade 5 Titanium and carbon fiber, the Series 38 combines smart solutions with the best design practices. The magnetic hinge with its signature clink sound offers easy and scratch-free access to your cards in and out of the holder. Additionally, the rubber band that holds the cards in place also acts as an anti-slip surface for the card holder. Furthermore, the card holder is a result of many hours designing and precision manufacturing. Likewise, the manufacturing process involves 10 hours of CNC machining followed by 12 hours of refining and hand finishing. It is a unique piece of jewelry that fits well in your back pocket or the inside pocket of your tuxedo. The Series 38 card holder is a design statement and a lifetime companion.

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