SoundFloat Luxury Inflatable Chair

$199 USD
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Upgrade your pool time with the SoundFloat Luxury Inflatable Chair. The SoundFloat combines luxury design with innovative technology to produce the ideal retreat. Whether you want to lie around on the water or kick back on land, the SoundFloat gives you a comfortable place to rest. Its puncture-proof design also makes it suitable for kids and pets. The inflatable chair comes with waterproof speakers, a 20-watt amplifier, and dual 70mm subwoofers, offering high-quality sound. Just connect via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite songs on the water. It even has a reception range of 75 feet, so you don’t have to take your smartphone out to sea. However, the SoundFloat does come with a waterproof pouch to protect your electronic device. In addition, the chair inflates quickly and easily. Finally, SoundFloat comes in three styles: The Arm Chair Lounge, The Single Lounge and The Double Lounge.

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