Meters OV-1B Luxury Over-Ear Headphones

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Truly treat yourself with the Meters OV-1B Luxury Over-Ear Headphones. As an upgrade on their original style, these cans offer you a superior sound experience. The OV-1B have one massive upgrade on the original: they’re wireless. Incredibly, even with the lack of a connecting cord, the OV-1B Headphones have no loss of sound. You still get your music how the artist intended. In addition to the deliver, the OV-1B also have noise cancellation technology to limit environmental noise. Of course, as the original, the OV-1B feature the unique VU meter. As you jam out, the meter actually moves in real time. On the side are touch controls for managing songs, playlists, and even calls. The headphones come in tan, black, and rose gold.

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