Modbook Pro X Convertible Mac Tablet Computer

$4698 USD
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Own the macOS tablet that Apple won’t make with the Modbook Pro X Convertible Mac Tablet Computer. The Modbook Pro X integrates best-in-class pen technology with the power, performance, and portability of a genuine 15-inch Retina-display MacBook Pro. Ideal for power users, the tablet computer offers up to 3.1 Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processor with 16 GB RAM. Likewise, it features Intel HD Graphics 630 plus up to Radeon Pro 560 GPU with 4GB memory. It also has up to 10 TB internal PCIe Flash storage with hardware RAID for up to 5 GB/s read/write speed. Plus, the Modbook Pro X has real-time data redundancy. This versatile device comes with a built-in stand and mount configurations, allowing for multiple use configurations including landscape and portrait canvas setups. Similarly, it has an integrated industry standard tripod mount.

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