Macallan x URWERK Whiskey Flask 2

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Enjoy your favorite tipple anywhere with the Macallan x URWERK Whiskey Flask 2. This modern flask features two ample-sized whiskey tanks inside. This flask is built for modern day. Extending from the base are two flaps that function as landing gear. As you set it down, the move outward to produce a steady foundation. In addition, each tank inside has a labelling system. With this, you can easily carry around two of your favorite whiskeys. In addition to the name, you can also label the age of the whiskey in each tank. Amazingly, the Flask 2 uses the same spout for both tanks. With a simply twist of the mouthpiece you can instantly swap between the two drinks. This makes it ideal for sharing as you save the rarer whiskey for yourself (we won’t tell). With over 150 different parts, the Flask 2 will keep you interested and your thirst quenched.

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