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MAGBINE Multi-Device Compatible Cable

$12 USD
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Untangle your life and use the MAGBINE Multi-Device Compatible Cable. Stylish and sleek, this is the only cable you need to carry. Amazingly, you can use it on Lightning as well as micro USB devices. Unlike other multi-device solutions, the MAGBINE has a single connector for all of your devices. It even works when upside down for Apple devices. In addition to this convenience, the MAGBINE has a 90-degree angle design. This keeps the cable from bending at the USB connector end, the most vulnerable part of a cable. It also stays out of your way so you can use your device without restriction as it recharges. Additionally, the MAGBINE features magnetic caps in the connector tips. With this, you can join to tips together to hang and store the cable as you need. Finally, the MAGBINE uses premium TPE braiding for an ultra durable structure.

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