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MAGIEN – The Jewel of Secrets – Thousands of Pendants in ONE

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Free shipment with expedited and traceable int’l shipping. Magien is unlike any other pendant in the world. When you look deep, you’ll be able to see its true essence, its ability to assume its dual functions as a secret container and as a diffuser of scented fragrances. On the inside, it is personal, holding items that are just for you, but on the outside, it is expressive, holding scents that are meant for the whole world. Each and every Magien pendant is handmade with etched Venice Murano Glass Rings, and all materials are sourced from Italy. Magien holds pleasantly unique fragrances that are designed to make you smile, and it’s good for you too: aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for their benefits to the body, mind, and spirit, connected as one, united with a common goal, your happiness. The final product is made in Italy too, making this pendant 100% Italian, from the craftsmanship to the distribution. The secrets of Magien are secrets that you keep close to your heart. They belong to you and nobody else. Magien is one pendant in endless combinations. Pair it up with any outfit you choose and Magien will complement your everyday style no matter where you are going and no matter what you are doing.

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