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Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

$499 USD
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Reflect your best life with the Mango Mirror Smart Mirror. This smart mirror displays vital stats and information such as your health, fitness, sleep schedule, nutrition, news, reminders, daily quotes and more. Offering health-related data like your steps, sleep, weight, exercise, calories and hydration, Mango Mirror makes it easier to make healthy decisions. Simply track your data using Apple Health or FitBit to display your data on the mirror. Additionally, you can customize Mango Mirror to show any info you want to see. Just add, remove and resize widgets via the app. Likewise, loop through all your content by using screen timers. Mango Mirror uses glass, hardware, software and stainless steel, offering a 7-inch digital display area for your digital content. Finally, the energy saving display appears as you approach Mango Mirror and disappears once you walk away.

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