Mangroovv | The Tablet Stand Other Tablet Stands Want to Be

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Many Tablet stands these days are built for the table, desk, or counter, making it hard to really take your Tablet with you wherever you go. That being said, mangroovv is making the tablet stand exactly what it should be: Simple and Functional. Weighing in at an extremely light 1.8 pounds, the mangroovv will go with you wherever you want to work. Go from reading sheet music on your tablet in a quiet room, to cooking in the kitchen with your recipe on your tablet, with one hand you can grab and go with the mangroovv. Simplicity is everything. When you feel like moving, pick the mangroovv up at the handle and the feet will collapse underneath it, making it slim like a trekking pole. Loosen your hand a little bit and the feet expand. Use the same hand to adjust the height of your mangroovv for reading or working, whether you are sitting down or standing up. Finally, you don’t have to take your tablet off to move the mangroovv, it will be fastened in- which you can also undo with one hand.

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