Meet ORKA – The Smart Water Bottle

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Track your water intake with the ORKA Smart Bottle. Thats right, a smart water bottle to track your water intake. With all the gadgets and gizmos you use to track every other aspect of your life, we have made one to track your most important, hydration. The ORKA Smart Bottle keeps you hydrated. Being fully hydrated improves brain cognition, provides energy, and promotes cardiovascular health, allowing muscles and joints to function properly. After taking a drink from the ORKA Smart Bottle, a Bluetooth signal will be sent to your phone and sync that data, keeping you updated on your hydration level. On average, the built in battery lasts up to one week meaning less time next to the wall and more time for monitoring what matters most. A small LED indicator at the top of the bottle notifies you when the battery is running low. The battery rechargs through a micro USB port.

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