Melomind Relaxation Headset

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Take a deep breath and relax with the Melomind Relaxation Headset. Using electroencephalographic technology, this headset is able to train your brain to relax so you can better cope with stress and reduce the chances of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Melomind works by providing you with an audio soundscape which responds to your brainwaves. As you relax, the music will modulate in sync with your brain waves in real time. Melomind uses the music to relax your brain’s neuroplasticity which gives it time to recover and strengthen. The Melomind Headset is wonderfully comfortable with detachable electrodes and over ear memory foam ear cups. The soft fabric and foam throughout the headband will make you look forward to your relaxation time each day. With Melomind, it’s never been more simple to relax.

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