Mesto – Updating the Mortar & Pestle for the 21st Century

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Five-piece, multifunctional Mortar & Pestle set with a clear shield to reduce spillages and removable inserts to speed up prep-time. One common problem with Mortar and Pestle’s is that when grinding peppercorns and seeds, they commonly fly out of the bowl. Mesto, with its clear shield, solves this problem. The shield allows the user to grind their mix freely whilst significantly reducing spillages. This also means the user can grind their mix faster than they would in a regular mortar and pestle as the risk of mess when grinding quickly is notably reduced. The shield is also dishwasher safe and its transparency stops the user’s vision from being obstructed during use.Mesto, with its two removable inserts, allows the user to make up to three different mixes in one session without any washing between uses. This reduces prep time and stops mixing of flavours. The inserts are lightweight which makes them easy to pick up and pour.

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