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Middle Finger Gaming Gloves

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2017-05-17

Upgrade your dexterity with the Middle Finger Gaming Gloves by Icehawk. Powering through the next level is always an adventure but can leave you with unnecessary hand pain. The Middle Finger Gloves are here to save the day (and your hands). The fingers are completely open except for the thumb and the middle finger. These two give you protection from blisters as well as support. In addition, the Middle Finger Gloves help improve the circulation to your hands while you play. They also prevent sweating so you stay comfortable for even the longest sessions. You can choose to remove the thumb splint or keep it in place for increased stabilization. The Middle Finger Gloves offer gel padding yet remain sleek for total dexterity. Finally, the exterior features digital leather, the same material trusted by MLB players. The Middle Finger Gloves give you all you need without hindering your skills.

Overview & Specs
Colors :
Black, White, Red, Blue
Material :
Gel Padding, Digital Leather, Velcro
Features :
Blister Protection, Thumb Support
Discovered on:
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Steven Shilts
Just backed so I could say I don't even use my middle fingers on the controller at all, I have both of them off the controller while I game it's just a lot more comfortable for me and I think it helps me play better. So I'm sorry to say I won't be getting a pair. :(
Yue Z
Thank you for answering! That is good to know. :)
John Henderson
Yue Z, yes, we have different sizes. Right now, the sizes will be S,M,L,XL and will be adding XS if necessary to ensure we have sizes that will accommodate both male and female hands.
Yue Z
Is there different sizing? Does Icehawk only fit the average male hand? I am asking because my hands are smaller because I am female and for the gloves to work there has to be compression to improve blood flow.
I really love your product's idea because I have been experiencing soreness when playing Overwatch.
John Henderson
Senpai_Son, I absolutely agree. I think another way for me to say it is the inside of the middle finger is where the controller sits when being held, thus making the most continual contact and creating the point where the most friction & potential for blistering can occur. Like you, and every one I know or have seen play, I use my pointer fingers on the triggers. When designing the gloves we found that the tapping motion used on the triggers was far less likely to cause the type or amount of continual friction needed to cause blistering. Thanks for the comment. It gives me a chance to hopefully explain it a little better.
I'd like the pointer finger to have material in order to strike an OBJECTION! pose. ;)
Suggestion: You could also add material to the pointer finger and have it be the peace / deuces glove. Or as an option.
Not sure what you're talking about lol; I play Call of Duty, Halo, and other FPS games. I don't use my middle finger on the triggers. I don't use it at all. I use my pointer finger, and I'm sure many or most others do as well; I've never seen anyone play any game using their middle finger(s).
Thank you for the quick response.
John Henderson
Thanks for the question. The reason for the middle finger being the only finger with material on it is that it was determined that the two areas that make contact with the controller for most gamers are the inside of the middle finger and, of course, the thumbs.

Therefore, the decision was made to keep the material, along with the addition of padding, in those areas to assist with the prevention of blistering. Also, to be quite honest, I liked the idea of having a middle finger glove.
Could the "Middle Finger Effect" be just as effective on the pointer finger, from a functionality POV?