Midnight Scoop Smart Ice Cream Scoop

$35 USD
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Have your ice cream and enjoy it, too, with the Midnight Scoop Smart Ice Cream Scoop. With a total redesign, this device uses an innovative curved handle. Rather than the traditional prying motion, the Midnight Scoop actually pushes into the ice cream. Pairing the design with the strong materials, the Midnight Scoop allows for effortless scooping. In addition, this motion saves your wrist and arm from the tremendous stress of typical scoops. Finally, you can reach every nook and cranny of even the largest containers with ease. It also works for smaller sizes. The single piece of aerospace-grade aluminum has a uni-body design which means no stress points. It’s also resistant to damage and built to last. In fact, the Midnight Scoop even comes with a lifetime warranty. Happy scooping!

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