Miiya: Connected Smartwatch To Get Kids Active

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The World Health Organisation recommends 60 minutes of physical activity for children to help their development. When you ask kids what they did during the day, usually their best answer is “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember”. On Miiya’s dedicated app, parents have access to a daily activity report, so they always know how active their children are. To get more active kids, we’ve added a daily companion avatar into the watch: Miiya. Miiya evolves with kids’ daily activity. It starts as little ball of fluff, and eventually, if the child does enough physical activity, becomes a super-hero. Miiya is very fun for kids and makes their physical activity fun and rewarding. When Miiya becomes an hero, you child unlock new games, designed to make parents and children play together. Miiya comes also with safety features and new types of interactions. With Miiya, it’s time to enjoy every moment spent with your children.

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