Circuit Board Minimalist Writing Pen

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Upgrade your everyday writing tool to something truly unique with the Circuit Board Minimalist Writing Pen. Ideal for everyday carry, this writing pen is tough, minimal and compact. Its distinctive design comes from the recycled genuine circuit board that has a clear UV resistant polyester resin casting. In addition, the pen also comes in three types, depending on the metal components. The models include 303 Stainless Steel, C3604 Brass, and 6061 Aluminum. The 303 Stainless Steel pen is practical, durable and corrosion resistant. Likewise, the C3604 Brass pen is extremely durable and compliments the green circuit board while matching the electronic brass components. Finally, the aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum pen is structurally strong and lightweight. Its 28-gram weight makes it even lighter than the other versions. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing between the rollerball style and fountain pen style.

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