Mister Boom – Expressive Lighting

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Discreetness is not the strength of this one-of-a-kind lamp. And firing it is simple: First, connect one or more LED powered light bombs to the large, old-fashioned detonator. Then, put the master switch into the “armed“ position.Push down the crank to control the explosion of light. This expressive lighting installation is a piece of art in every place. Fire in the hole. Pieces of furniture in concrete, the base that has always characterized and unites all the lamps and the furniture designed by the brand, a common and raw material, rethought and taken to the next level, made ​​fascinating and unique. LED lamps characterized by iconic sticks of dynamite in borosilicate glass which differ from each other due to the different firing modes. Mister Boom is presented with the classic old style detonator, ideal for those who like old things produced with elbow grease, to light it one simply has to push down the handle to trigger the explosion of light. Little Miss Dynamite, on the other hand, is more discreet but equally powerful, with a modern detonator with a switch button, to allow you to relax and enjoy your light bomb.

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