MIXBAG Transformer Bag

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MIXBAG – transformer bag is designed specifically for those people, who appreciate things in functionality and versatility. It will greatly facilitate the lives of those who want to organize their things, light mobile equipment (ultrabooks, tablets, cameras, telephones), documents, notebooks in one bag, without carrying “special” bags and cases. MIXBAG adapts to fit your needs because it’s expandable and has 10 ways to wear. If you need to carry a small number of things, for example phone, keys, money, small documents, pen, tablet – simply unclip the front bag. There is a need to take an ultrabook, chargers, umbrella or other things – just join the back part. You can throw 2 parts on the shoulder, or wear them on the belt. In case when there are bulky items that you have to take, use the additional volume in the back part of the bag. MIXBAG is convenient for those, who move around the city, between cities, countries and continents. It does not matter which way you move: by car, motorcycle, bicycle,roller skates, or use the metro, trams, trains, planes… MIXBAG is created for those people, who regularly use all of the above and made it comfortable to use in any of these situations.


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