Springtime Stov Modern Indoor Fire Pit

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Socialize around a cozy centerpiece inside your home with the Springtime Stov Modern Indoor Fire Pit. While outdoor fire pits have their place, getting warm in the comfort of your living room is hard to beat. The Springtime Stov is a modern fire pit that allows anyone to experience the warmth of a fire in any living space. Emitting 500-watt far-infrared radiation, Stov offers an eco-friendly alternative to wood fires. It provides the same radiation as a traditional fireplace or the sun despite being completely natural. Likewise, far-infrared radiation transfers pure heat energy, resulting in practically no heat loss. To use Stov, just switch it on to instantly feel the warmth. Additionally, the warmth radiates in a 360-degree direction to provide enough heat for everyone around it. Stov is currently still in the concept phase.

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