MUtable 2.0 Modular Children’s Play Table

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Enhance your child’s playtime with the MUtable 2.0 Modular Children’s Play Table. The play table comes with four double-sided playboards that are stackable and provide endless fun. The playboards include a wooden cover, puzzle base, blackboard, whiteboard, Lego Duplo base, Lego Classic base, world landscape and city landscape. Likewise, the table offers the space for many games such as Lego Tower, playhouses, boardgames, and more. After playtime, kids can easily store their toys by pushing them into the hole in the center of the table. The hole connects to a removable toy storage bag underneath. Additionally, just flip the board and change the bag to play a different game. The MUtable 2.0 also provides four height options, which you can easily adjust by switching the table’s legs. Coming in five different mix-and-match colors, it allows the table to grow with your kid up to eight years old.

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