mojoe™ – Coffee Maker + Travel Mug

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mojoe™ is a coffee maker CRAMMED into a travel mug – a personal mobile brewer that brews fresh, quality coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other instants right inside of itself and serves as a travel mug when done. Using any temperature water, your own coffee grounds, and power from a car adapter (mmm, fresh brewed coffee in the car), wall adapter (no more office coffee!), or rechargeable battery (oh the places we’ll go!), mojoe™ heats your water to coffee brewing temperatures and brews fresh coffee using a new innovative brewing process called VacDrip™. mojoe™ is perfect for people who are always on the go, or just love their fresh coffee and tea. Mornings can get really busy – whether you are hitting the snooze button, getting the kids ready, or just on the move – mojoe™ takes brewing time out of the equation, and allows you to kill two birds with one stone as you brew on your commute to work, at your desk, or anywhere else you can imagine. Pre-order today for only $89 and save before the price jumps to $149. mojoe™ was designed for coffee (& tea) lovers on the go, and this awesome device fulfills the very specific need of providing a fresh, quality brew on the go. Our pre-order customers typically realize immediately that they are the coffee lover that mojoe™ was made for, and they have this need. Have you realized this yet? (check for hairs standing up on the back of your neck).

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