Monkii Bars – Ultra Portable Bodyweight Training Device

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If you are often traveling and don’t get enough time for gym, the Monkii Bars are the perfect accessory you must carry in your bag. This ultra portable bodyweight training device makes sure you get to work out anywhere. It comes with digital training manuals which feature over hundred challenging workouts you can carry out at home, park, trail, travel or practically anywhere. The bars have been made in the USA out of high quality materials that include aerospace grade machined aluminum and hard maple. Every bar comes with 18 feet of incredibly strong suspension line by removing which you can simply hang it from any sturdy anchor or structure and use the adjuster to set the height. When not in use, there are four plugs that keep these bars contained. That way, they are made to be highly portable. Setting it up is also super easy. All you need is a strong support structure which could be anything from a tree branch or a door-jamb. Ready for some impromptu workout on the go?

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