Motion-Activated, Illuminated Picture Frame

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About a year ago I wanted a way to make my artwork and pictures stand out from the crowd. I wanted to illuminate my images but didn’t want to have to run cables and plug them in, I also didn’t want to have to switch them on and off, I wanted an illuminated picture frame that would work automatically, have a long battery life and be no bigger than a standard picture frame. So I designed and build a picture frame that would light-up an image as you walked by, drawing interest to it and allowing it to act as a night light, be battery powered and work automatically. I named the product the illuminAte and started designing a range of personalised and non-personalised versions. During 2014 I designed and build a website named, took the pictures to various art and craft markets and events and started selling them online and found that they were proving very popular and that people loved the idea. After a year of product testing and my own thoughts on how I could evolve the idea I designed the illuminAte FRAMETM. Using the same motion-activated principle, the FRAMETM is a blank picture frame no larger than a standard frame measuring 42cmx32cmx3.2cm, in which you can insert your own image up to size A4.

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