Motionize Paddle – Sports Tracker For Paddlers

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With dual sensor intelligence and tracking features, Motionize Paddle makes it easy for paddlers to enjoy their sport even more. You will get to see your distance per stroke, strokes per minute, stroke length, the number of strokes per session, the ratio between the efficiency of your technique and heart rate (requires a heart rate strap – not included), and even more with this tracker. It’s the two independent sensors that will help you get the job done. With the increased amount of data plus the sophisticated analysis, it will be like seeing out of two eyes instead of one. You’ll never have to wait for feedback again. With Motionize you can improve your stroke instantly, from one stroke to another with their top view live feature. Get feedback and coaching tips in real-time, while you’re paddling. Improve from stroke to stroke, not from session to session. It’s that one tracker paddlers can make good use of.

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