MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key

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Carry all the tools you need with the MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key. Designed to sit on your key ring, this multi-tool doesn’t open your door but it does so much more. The MyKee has a 10mm, 8mm, and 6.3mm hex near the top. In addition, there’s a multifunctional bottle opener that doubles as a 6mm hex. On the bottom is a claw that you can use to remove staples, open cans, and pop open lids. The top of the claw also features yet another 4mm hex. Finally, the side of the MyKee is a blade. You can use this to open boxes, as a flathead, scratch lottery tickets, or even peel vegetables. All of these tools are in a key that measures only 2.2 inches.

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