REVO Multi-Use Beverage Tub

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Make gatherings more festive with the REVO Multi-Use Beverage Tub. Offering an all-in-one beverage tub, ice bucket, and food display, the REVO Beverage Tub features individually insulated compartments. Likewise, the individual compartments allow you to store hot food right next to the ice. Additionally, the Beverage Tub fits 39 bottle beverages or 18 bottles of wine. The Beverage Tub also provides two double condiment trays that are large enough to fit your favorite dips. Furthermore, the included aluminum ice scoop turns any compartment into a giant ice bucket. With a 44-inch length, the Beverage Tub offers easy and inviting access no matter where you put it. Offering endless display combinations, it suits both indoor and outdoor events. Finally, the Beverage Tub is easy to carry to a table or your car using the built-in handgrips.

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