Freefly ALTA 8 Multirotor Camera Drone

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Create stunning movies like never before with the Freefly ALTA 8 Multirotor Camera Drone. Designed for cinematographers, this drone is highly intelligent and agile. The drone can handle natural elements as well as your pressing needs to get the perfect shot. The ALTA 8 collapses down to just 660mm when not in use. When it needs to fly, the rotors expand to 1325mm. This packable design makes it easy to take the robust system anywhere you need to go. In addition, the ALTA 8 has an integrated on-screen display. With dual receivers, you can view live graphs as well as vertical and ground velocity speed. With the latest GPS technology, the ALTA 8 is controllable with the highest precision and location. The ALTA 8 also has brilliant Height Hold. With this, it hovers in place with total grace.

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