Mustard Toxic Laundry Basket

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The Mustard Toxic Laundry Basket is an appropriate product for those whose dirty laundry is bad enough to be declared a toxic hazard. It would be criminal to force a nice wicker basket to hold your stinking socks, sweat-soaked undergarments and dirty clothes filled with a full day’s collection of soot and grime and all kinds of yucky food waste that even rats avoid like the plague. It is only appropriate that you find a container brave enough to take on all this. The Mustard Toxic Laundry Basket’s bright green color and the bold black radioactive sign and lettering ensure that no one comes within smelling range, let alone actually taking a look inside. It’s made of polyester and is collapsible, so you can fold and tuck it away out of sight when it’s not in use.


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