MuzzleShot – Shot Glass Styled After the Flash Hider

$35 USD
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MuzzleShot, the tactical shot glass styled after the flash hider for the M16 family of weapons, is machined from a single block of billet heat-treated aluminum and anodized to MIL_A_8625 Type II. MuzzleShot weighs .38 lb and holds 1.5 oz. Do not point the MuzzleShot at anything you do not intend on destroying. MuzzleShot is an awesome tactical shot glass shaped like the M16A2 Flash Hider (a device attached to the muzzle of a rifle). Machined from billet heat treated T6 6061 aluminum and anodized in a dark grey finish, the MuzzleShot glasses hold 1.5 oz of liquor and are virtually indestructible (perfect for slamming down after you’ve downed your shot of tequila). Muzzleshot glasses are available in single unit quantities or as Pelican cased sets of two or four.


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