MYNT – Nimble Remote For Smart Devices

$19 USD
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Organizing your personal items becomes less difficult with MYNT – the one button remote. This smart button has been designed to perform three preset and customizable actions distinguished by single click, double click, and triple click. The corresponding smartphone app allows user customization for each type of click. So, no matter how many items you use every day, MYNT will keep all of them organized and always by your side. It’s thin and sleek which not only works as a multipurpose remote but also as a beautiful tag and an item organizer packed in a tiny package. The oval shaped design is 1/8th of an inch thin and bears the size of about 1.5 of an SD memory card. You can use it to control music players, alarm devices, computers, smartphones, and so much more. Attach it to your keychain or wallets or wherever possible and make your everyday life more organized and hassle free. One tiny organizer is enough to help you head that way.

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