Wandervest Natural Fiber Travel Vest

$279 USD
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Streamline the way you travel with the Wandervest Natural Fiber Travel Vest. This wearable is loaded with conveniences to enable you to carry more and worry less. The Wandervest is complete with a whopping 20 different pockets to stash everything from your cash to your smartphone. There are dedicated pockets for your glasses and even a pen. In addition, the vest uses 100% natural hemp fiber material. This allows the vest to be totally breathable as well as naturally anti-microbial. When it comes to traveling, feeling fresh is paramount. In addition to the convenience, the Wandervest will also save you money. Rather than having a bag to check, you can stash your smaller items right in the vest and leave your bag for the big stuff. When you need to lighten your carry, the Wandervest transforms into a tote back with easily accessible pockets.

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