All New Little Robot Friends

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Little Robot Friends are packed with sensors for tons of fun. Tap, tickle, tilt, shake, hug, blow a kiss, play peekaboo, or turn the lights on and off. The robots respond to each input with an expression, a combination of blinks and beeps. You can customize the robot’s responses with our app and even design your expressions. Learn real coding skills by following our step-by-step tutorials to program the robot using code (C/C++). With built-in wifi, your robot can become an essential part of the Internet of Things. Program your friend to respond to weather notification, incoming mail, a Twitter mention, and much more through IFTTT. Use stickers, felt, papercraft or a 3D printer to create a character. The drag-and-drop app makes it easy to customize robot expressions. Once done, you can start teaching your robots to sing, perform tricks, and more with code.

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