New Outfit Makes Sunbathing In Cold Weather A Reality

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Nothing beats the healthy glow you get from some responsible sunbathing. But what happens when colder weather strikes? A team from New York decided to create a way for anyone to responsibly enjoy the sun’s health boosting benefits all year round- This includes vitamin D creation, elevated mood, and controlled blood pressure. Introducing the TanRound, the first clothing line that lets you effectively tan in cold and windy weather. Its innovative design and protected features allow the sun’s natural UV rays to penetrate as it keeps the body warm with the suns energy and your own body heat. Now you can soak up the sun’s rays and nutrients even in near freezing conditions. Simply, wear it over your clothes of choice, apply sun block or tanning lotion if desired, and go outdoors! No more sketchy spray tans. No more artificial indoor tanning. Just a perfect, natural tan anytime you want. The TanRound is made for men and women, comes in Crystal Clear and Liquid Gold color editions, and is available in a full-body one piece or two piece jacket and pants design.

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