NINDYAA – A New Kind of Bed Sheet, Beautifully Crafted

$120 USD
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Get rid of the plain or heavily patterned bed sheet designs and switch to something more modern with NINDYAA. At NINDYAA, they want to offer you the perfect mix — the plain and minimal feel of European sheets, combined with beautiful patterns from countries and artists around the world. They see art as a medium to bring the world closer together which is why their bed sheet patterns are travel inspired and carefully chosen. Instead of using random patterns, they focus on patterns that carry meaning and tell stories. Their very first collection PUNJAB is inspired by patterns spotted around the Northern regions of Pakistan. Hundreds of years of heritage spawned by various kingdoms and dynasties have shaped this awe-inspiring region and its architecture. This collection is a tribute to that. Their first bed sheet is inspired by a beautiful geometric pattern that we have seen on pillars inside the Lahore Airport and around the Punjab region. This design pays tribute to South Asian heritage and invites you to explore the many stories hidden behind the little doors. It’s time to sleep in a beautiful story every night!

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