VertiGrille™ No Stick Grill Expander

$16 USD
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Cook more in the same space on the grill with the VertiGrille™ No Stick Grill Expander. The VertiGrille™ enables you to fit three full trays of food into one. Likewise, it takes away the need to grill in shifts or purchase another grill. Just use the VertiGrille™ to cook more food at the same time. When you use the VertiGrille™, there isn’t any loss of tenderness or flavor. The meat is wonderfully juicy and you can cook anything from vegetables to s’mores. The VertiGrille™ makes it easier to equally baste all sides of your ingredients. Furthermore, the grill expander comes with a base and six double skewers. Simply squeeze the sides of the skewer to push them onto the base. The food also slides off the skewers without sticking. Finally, the VertiGrille™ provides holes in the bottom to enable heat convection around the food, resulting in perfectly even cooking.

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