The Nómada – World’s First 100% Free Modularized Bag

$179 USD
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Introducing the Nómada, the 100% free modularized bag. This revolutionary bag is designed to suit every single day of every single lifestyle. The exterior is sleek and minimalist coming in all black and it can be carried as a briefcase, a backpack, or even a messenger bag. But, the interior is where the magic happens. Inside the full perimeter zipper is a soft felt lining. Against this lining, you can organize any of the “bag in a bag” accessories as they stay in place with Velcro. These internal bags can all be conveniently removed and used on their own. Whether you’re an artist with loads of paint brushes and supplies, an avid traveller who needs everything in a single tidy spot, or anyone in between, the carry-on sized Nómada is the bag for you.

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