Native Union DROP Non-Slip Wireless Charger

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Power up your devices and wave goodbye to desk clutter with the Native Union DROP Non-Slip Wireless Charger. This clever little device offers a secure resting spot for your phone. It squeezes onto even the smallest desk or nightstand, and you get a 6.5 foot braided cable. The DROP works with most makes of smartphone, including the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It’s also compatible with Samsung, LG and Nokia models. With an output of up to 10W, this charger powers up your devices at top speed. In addition, it has a thermal protection sensor, and foreign object detection to maintain total safety. Furthermore, the DROP has a grippy silicone tread. This prevents your phone from slipping off and onto the floor. It also prevents overheating, which is essential for optimum charging speeds. Better still, the DROP works with phone cases up to 3mm thick.

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