Nonstick Mesh Popcorn Grill Pan

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This Nonstick Mesh Popcorn Grill Pan from Sur La Table comes in very handy as a grilling tool when you’re out camping, joining a tailgate party or just in the mood for a barbecue. Buttered or not, popcorn kernels shooting off in all directions are an ideal recipe for causing chaos and stampeding a herd of screaming kids. The fine-gauge mesh of this grill pan contains the popcorn kernels within the confines of the mesh while still allowing for the flame to give the kernels that authentic smoky taste. All you have to do is spray some oil on the mesh, load it up with popcorn and place it over heat and shake it a bit until the kernels start popping. The mesh is made of sturdy carbon steel and is non-sticky, but needs to be hand washed.

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