Oiladdin Oil Pourer and Stopper

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Make all of your wishes come true with the Oiladdin Oil Pourer and Stopper. This nifty kitchen accessory helps you pour the perfect amount of oil every time. In addition, it keeps those messy spills at bay. With the Oiladdin Pourer, you simply tilt your bottle of oil. A steady and predictable stream flows from the spout. When you’re done, simply upright the bottle. The Oiladdin prevents excess drips. Additionally, the Oiladdin grants you another wish: it keeps your oil superbly fresh. When it’s not in use, you can simply press the top of the lamp to close it. The Oiladdin gives a total all-around seal for your bottle. Of course, this clever device adds a special bit of aesthetic to your funky kitchen.

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