Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair

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Revolutionize your interior space with the Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair. Featuring a slatted wood seat, the chair transforms from a chair to a compact unit for easy storage. The key to the transformation of the Ollie Chair lies in the sturdy aluminum base. Available in white, silver, or black, this lightweight base complements the teak tambour wood with style. It also has hinges along the legs and in the middle of the seat. With a tug of a string, the entire chair folds flat. The slatted wood allows for this fluid motion to make storage as easy as ever. Additionally, this wood design produces a superbly ergonomic structure for your back. Perfect for inside any room or even outside, the Ollie Chair maximizes your space and offers a comfy seat anywhere. In addition to this convenience, the Ollie Chair is both rust and warp resistant.

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